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Welcome to our distortion pedal buyers guide. We have reviewed all of the best distortion pedals and provided our feedback on all of them. See the table of contents below to jump to a specific distortion pedal. From smooth, warm overdrive to hard, crunchy distortion, this pedal can satisfy your distortion needs. What makes this distortion pedal so powerful and versatile is the amount of tone control it gives you, thanks to its three-band EQ. Five control knobs let you dial in just the right tone. If you want a classic, warm tone, simply reduce the treble and increase the bass. For a cleaner sound in a full band setting, you can give the bass and kick drum some space by cutting the bass band. Like most MXR pedals, this one is great for metal guitarists.

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For a more comprehensive version guide, click on any of the icons above. There are several. The reason many people say the “Triangle is the best” is probably due to a few early circuit traces of a couple of uncommon circuit variants that circulated for several years.

The Fuzz Face is a distortion guitar pedal designed in London by Arbitrer In other pedals with similar input stages like the one in the Big Muff Pi a series.

Our website uses cookies to make your browsing experience better. By using out site you agree to our use of cookies. View our testimonials. Has blue printing, round logo and the rubber Has blue printing, round logo and the rubber tread rather than feet same as a V1 indicating an early V2. Has the usual small scratches and some stain spots scattered across the case. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition. The cosmetics are of course secondary to the sound — and what a sound!

Very similar to a Triangle Muff, thick, smooth and monstrous — not as raucous as the later variants. Circuit is quiet, pots scratch-free, controls effective, stomp foot switch has a positive action. Available now. Lead time on orders is currently only weeks on payment of

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz Pedal Guide

I have a confession. In fact, I can honestly say I hated and despised the sound of fuzzes that I had heard. A fuzz tone after all, sounded nothing like an electric guitar should. For those older friends of mine that were players that grew up on Hendrix or Clapton — those seemed to be their favorite particular tones. And there are countless other examples of really unique fuzz tones on record that go to fuzz extremes that are just wonderful examples of sonic colors.

I listen to it now with a smile on my face.

ELECTRO HARMONIX EHX BIG MUFF PI – FUZZ DISTORTION – VINTAGE GUITAR FX PEDAL Vintage unit dating back to the late 90’s / very early ‘s.

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There are very few websites dedicated to the Big Muff Pi, so I created this site with all of the information and history I have gleaned from various sources over the years, including some good photo references pix from my collection, stolen from ebay auctions, and sent to me by other generous Big Muff owners and audio clips. I think it is the most comprehensive one on the web. I have tried to sort out Muff fact from Muff fiction and clarify some confusing or contradictory details from other websites and articles, as well as include a comprehensive history about Electro-Harmonix and the story behind the origin of the Big Muff Pi for all you Muff junkies.

Be aware that it is overly and obsessiveley detailed, to a level much deeper than the average person would care to know, and the person who put it together obviously suffers from some type of OCD! It was their second best selling pedal in the s after the Small Stone phaser, and Mike Matthews said in that in terms of units sold for all versions, the Big Muff is their number one seller.

Fuzz pedals like the Maestro Fuzz-Tone and Fuzz Face were very popular in the late s but the Big Muff was a very different and fresh take on the fuzz tone territory. The first well known recorded use of th e Big Muff was in on The Carpenters’ power ballad hit Goodbye to Love, with a hard rocking fuzz solo played by Tony Peluso, very ahead of it’s time for the pop music market. The Big Muff used an independant four stage Silicon transistor based circuit that did not have the limitations of the typical guitar-into-fuzz circuits around at the time it was created.

The Big Muff: Original, Mini, or Nano

Gilmourish Electro Harmonix Big Muff reissues shootout. From late Great review of the Triangle Big Muff reissue here.

for examples of the raw lead tone and wall-of-sound use of this pedal. The V1 and V2 Big Muffs both spanned a similar range of circuit variants, so in that regard.

Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. The original Muff Fuzz had just a touch of overdrive and sounded like a vintage amp with a slightly torn speaker. Electro-Harmonix paired two of these together in one box to create the Nano Double Muff. Use just one Muff for a hint of milky distortion, or cascade the second Muff for over-the-top overdrive that turns the milk into cream.

In single mode, the amount of overdrive will lessen as you decrease the volume on your guitar. You can compensate for this by increasing the volume of the single Muff.

Help Dating a Big Muff Pi ? (Skreddy?)

I’m asking because my only distortion pedals are the EHX Little Big Muff and the EHX Double Muff I actually prefer the Double Muff, because it seems to make everything a bit less fizzy; with the LBM I sometimes struggle to get ‘definition’ out of it, and it seems to turn everthing I play into the ‘same’ sort of featureless angry buzz. I suppose what I’m looking for is a nice pedal that I can put before these effects which gives me a bit of dirt, but doesn’t overpower the overall texture.

With the EHX stuff going into reverb with long tails, everything I play just comes out sounding like early Jesus and Mary Chain, which is fun I’m looking for an overdrive pedal Can anyone recommend one?

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Negative: With horrible switching system. Negative: If you can get past the plastic. Negative: Plastic. Negative: Bad, hollow low end and broken sounding clipping. Barber Direct Drive. Barber Silver L. Positive: Airy mid-gainer with tender tone control Negative: Could have been fitted in smaller box. Barber Tone Press – Parallel Compressor.

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi V2 Ram’s Head (Violet)

It produces a characteristic high distorted sound called fuzz. Ivor Arbiter took the round shaped enclosure idea from a microphone stand and it was the first pedal including a DPDT stomp-switch. The effect became very popular because Jimi Hendrix played it and there were not many distortion pedals around at that time.

Again, this is nothing new, dating all the way back to early Hendrix, but it’s a Use a pedal with thick, saturated fuzz tone and play the neck pickup on A Big Muff-type fuzz is ideal to use for this effect, but most any fuzz pedal.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Today the Big Muff comes in many different shapes and sizes and this guide will help you to choose your perfect Big Muff fuzz pedal! It all started back in , when Mike Matthews and his partner Bob Myer decided to create their own fuzz pedal on perfboard — little did they know they would create one of the most widely used and well-respected pedals ever produced.

A younger Matthews, a keyboard player and recent Cornell graduate, was working for Guild manufacturing the original Foxey Lady pedals back in the late 60s and decided to take inspiration from the design to create something more reliable, more controllable but altogether new. Before there were such things as Distortion or Overdrive pedals, fuzz pedals were all the rage, and used by everyone from The Beatles and Rolling Stones, to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

More than any other type of effects pedals, fuzz boxes have to be “played” – it’s not just matter of stepping on them. The Big Muff is a very simple, vintage-style fuzz pedal that marks an evolution from previous Electro-Harmonix fuzz pedals, delivering a distinctive distorted sound. It was basically an LPB-1 booster with an added overdrive circuit.

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Evolution of the Big Muff Pi Circuit. HEAD BIG MUFF PI – First Circle Face version – The third variant of the V2 circuit appeard circa , with pots dated

In they now come with true bypass, but the volume is cut a little when ON, while you usually want it at least as loud when ON. Our mod sets the volume the same, and includes an internal trim pot so you can set the volume just where you want it. If left alone, the pedal will feedback and whistle when the volume is increased.

This allows reducing the feedback to keep the sound OK. Or if you want the whistling feedback you can dial some in. Here is a picture of the trim pots to give you an idea. They are marked at our favorite settings no volume loss, normal extra amount of feedback in COLOR mode. Our setting is marked with a black line. Sorry we don’t work on the Russian Small Stone pedals. They are really cheaply made pedals so it’s not really worth modifying them. The switches are really weird, hard to mount a normal stomp switch.

Also jacks are attached to the board so they need to be pulled off and replaced with normal jacks, so it’s very expensive. The USA small stones are inexpensive even with our mods, a much better use of money than throwing good money at bad with the Russian pedals. We do mod the Russian Big Muffs because they sound great but it gets expensive.