Darts results: Nathan Aspinall shocks Michael van Gerwen in Cardiff as Peter Wright beats Rob Cross

Darts Phrases. Most sporting activities have words and phrases peculiar to that activity and darts is no exception. A lot of them are colloquial expressions and therefore might not be used outside the Midlands where I live and play darts, but, some of them are used by commentators on the television. Indeed some of them have even arisen because of games on the telly. Twenty six is referred to as “Bed and Breakfast” and called out as two and six. The phrase “Highway robbery” is used when a player is at some stage of the game a long way behind the other who gets to a finish and cant get his double allowing the first player to catch up and win the game. You will often hear television commentators say something like “this player needs shanghai on twenties,” meaning he needs to hit treble twenty, single and finish on the double.

No more walk-on girls: How players and pundits have turned darts into showpiece for women in sport

My brother was a big Cricket player in college. It was the first Dart game he learned to play. He said he got pretty good at it by senior year.

For many, Christmastime and darts go hand in hand with millions to play in Nottingham while the challenger for the Dublin date has yet to be.

T his last week, I have been staying up late, watching unathletic-looking men hurling feathered pieces of steel at a tiny board at the Lakeside Club in Frimley Green, Surrey. I know little about these men, except that they look even more unlikely Olympians than me, but I have been lured slowly into caring about the thing they care most about. The world of darts is a forgiving one in which pot-bellied players can be welcomed on to the stage like rock gods and a thirty-something can still be described as “the youngster”.

The two rival world championships are scheduled in January, when nothing much else is on, to buoy us up after the post-Christmas slump. Darts is enjoying a renaissance. One of the attractions for me is that, compared to the globalised mercenary trade of premier league football and other elite sports, the players are always identified as coming from a specific town or place. Local newspapers get more excited about the sport than national media.

Perhaps there is also a sense of non-vicarious liveness and realism, something of the old atmosphere of the tap room and the working men’s club coming through the screen. Darts, said Sid Waddell last week, is “pure working-class theatre”. This, in fact, was the reason why ITV took it off the air in the late s, because its ageing working-class audience was less appealing to advertisers. But as Patrick Chaplin points out in his recent book Darts in England: A Social History, it has long been a working-class sport with cross-class appeal, dating back to the interwar era when the pub trade used it to attract custom in the face of declining beer consumption.

Unlike snooker, which took a long time to shake off its seedy image, darts was a reputable game without the taint of illegal gambling. What the success of darts on television really demonstrates, though, is the law of unintended consequences. Two serendipitous events brought darts to a mass audience.

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Bull up as we present some of the best bars and pubs to play darts in London. From private oches and unique spaces, to comfortable boozers with their own board, it’s a great game to play on an afternoon and evening in the city, and these are the great places in which to do it. So limber those wrists, sharpen those darts, get your fighting talk primed and check out our recommendations for the best places to play darts in London. One of the coolest, and most unique places to play darts in London, Flight Club is something of its own darts realm.

Brimming with quirky private oches, digital dartboards and more, those looking for something a little different won’t be wanting to give it a miss.

The Darts World Championship gets underway on Friday as Michael van Gerwen begins his latest title defence by taking centre stage on the.

The Darts World Championship gets underway on Friday as Michael van Gerwen begins his latest title defence by taking centre stage on the opening night. The three-time world champion will take on either fellow Dutchman Jelle Klaasen or Kevin Burness, who meet in the opening match of the championship as the first round gets underway. The tournament features both afternoon and evening sessions as players compete in seven rounds in a knockout format of legs and sets, which increase as the competition progresses.

A tie-break will be in operation in all round from the second round onwards, where the final set must be won by two clear legs. If the score reaches five-all, the 11th leg will be a sudden-death leg. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium.

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Examples of muti-use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Act , allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comm Willie Masters “Heroes” star David H.

The PDC US Darts Masters and North American Darts Championship have done so for a continuous period of five years immediately dating back from the day.

Darts and Dartboard – Dart are symbols of harsh words or argument s that are haunt ing your thoughts and making it difficult to move past a hurtful situation. The dartboard represents the person for whom the remarks were intended. Darts To dream that you or someone else are th rowing darts in your dream, refers to some hurtful remarks that you or someone else have said. But if you dreamed of throwing a bulleye, the dream symbolizes your goals and your “go-getter” attitude. Darts To dream that you are throwing darts suggests any manner of dam aging comments that you or someone else may have made.

It can also signify your ambition s and your can-do persona. Share your dream experiences What do darts dreams mean?

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In fact, when the two become involved, things can get pretty ugly. As The Guardian reported on Friday, after Anderson of Scotland beat Harms, a Dutch player, in a match that earned him a spot in the quarter-finals, some foul-smelling accusations came out. In a post-match interview, Harms said he wasn’t playing up to his normal caliber because Anderson straight up farted on the stage before him, leaving him to endure a “fragrant smell. Anderson, who’s won the title of world champion twice, was quick to refute Harms’ accusations.

In fact, he said it was Harms who farted. Every time I walked past there was a waft of rotten eggs so that’s why I was thinking it was him.

A traditional pub game dating back as far as s in the United Kingdom, darts has boomed in recent years with prize money continuously growing thanks to.

The team at Dartsworld. A section of a recent submission caught our eye. Somewhat to our surprise, it appears that darts, in this case, soft-tip, is becoming a romantic activity for couples to enjoy together. In their general introduction, they outline some of the features of the soft tip world. It may be surprising to a western audience but, darts is also very often a couples or dating event in Japan.

One reason for this is that the basic game of soft tip darts is much less complicated and challenging than the steel tip game. Yes, you can win by even hitting a single 1! Another important difference to the steel game is that a soft board has a larger circumference meaning also that double, triple, and the bull itself is significantly bigger than their sisal steel tip equivalents. This, in turn, means big scoring becomes much easier to the inexperienced player a lucky bull or triple is common!

Although many of us at Darts World can remember playing darts with former, or current partners, none of us recalls darts forming part of our dating rituals? Obviously, Lorraine and Dean Winstanley may have a tale or two to tell? Log in to leave a comment. Sign in.

Premier League Darts Preview And Betting Tips – Week One

Darts is a minigame located in The Round Table. A dartboard is located to the left when entering the game room at the back of The Round Table. It can be played in exchange for Knight Badges. Playing Darts costs 20 gol and can reward up to 20 Knight Badges. There are five rounds to play, each with one dart to throw. It has the smallest prize of the three games in the game room.

A review of Thursday night’s Unibet Premier League Darts action in a victory in this competition for 10 matches dating back to last March, fell.

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